Pattern of Activation


Pattern of Activation




As the disappearance rate of biological species increases globally and suggests a massive human-related extinction event in the upcoming geological record, our demographic and technological advancement can be understood as “growth” of human expressivity at the expense of biodiversity. At the same time we are co-evolving and appropriating other variations of life forms to expand the human potential. In this context human activities like resource manipulation, markets and art making can be seen as ecological processes alongside other “natural” developments on earth.

The installation Pattern of Activation compresses the reality of human expressivity into an “acceleration assemblage” of formal intensities. It renders the evolutionary origins of the human psyche through the self-aware nature of an art installation pointing to the aesthetic actualization at the heart of the ascending techno-ecological expansion of human beings.

The digital image of an albino stallion circulating in the World Wide Web materializes as a digital print on aluminum dibond and takes the form of a cutout display initially used for advertisement purposes. This animal, famous for the beauty of its shape and movement, carries a genetic mutation that makes it look uniquely synthetic. Its visual intensity offers an archaic blueprint for the uncanny variety of forms rising. 

The sculpture alluding to the idea of an arrow supported by a trampoline has its formal origin in a digital stock image rendering. Despite its waviness, the arrow made from semi-translucent polyurethane is rapidly expanding upwards. It appears gravity defying, yet incredibly real – like a flying snake in a rain forest jumping from one tree to the next.



solo presentation at Art Basel Statements, Basel, 2014

gallery Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler